Service Providers

Helping you help the children and families you serve.

Our child development specialists guide caregivers through the complicated network of services and supports available to children birth to age 5. We organize these existing healthy development resources into a coordinated system that meets the needs of young children and their families.

And we support infant and early childhood health and service providers by offering developmental screenings, follow up connection to services, and information regarding healthy child development. With just one referral from you, we can provide an individualized resource navigation pathway for each child you refer.

Our team follows up with each caregiver to ensure their connection to services and provides a summary of all referrals back to the referring provider.

Making referrals.

Community agencies, early childhood education providers, healthcare providers – any infant and early childhood service provider – can refer a child (birth to age 5) to Help Me Grow or access early care and education support programs. If you are not the caregiver/legal guardian and are making a referral for an individual child, you are required to notify the family of this referral prior to submission.

Knowing when to make a referral is critical. Make a referral if a:

  • Child needs ongoing developmental screening.
  • Child and family need infant or early childhood mental health services.
  • Child is enrolled in early care and education center and behavioral concerns are impacting ability to stay enrolled.
  • Child is not already connected to BabyNet.
  • Child is not already receiving developmental or behavioral health services.
  • If a child is already connected to BabyNet and/or receiving developmental or behavioral health services, their current provider(s) can contact Help Me Grow to learn about additional services and supports in the child’s county.

Preschool Expulsion Prevention

Challenging behaviors in the classroom or childcare center are hard to navigate. But administrators and educators don’t have to go it alone. The pathway to support starts with Help Me Grow SC. We can connect you to the state’s early care and education support programs to help you keep your kids in your center. 

For more information about the Help Me Grow model or how we assist providers, visit Help Me Grow SC is a service of SCIMHA (South Carolina Infant Mental Health Association).

Have questions? Contact Help Me Grow Director Susan Callahan, MSW, IMH-E® at